Larchet, Jean-Claude

  1. Person
  2. 1949
  3. Badonviller (Meurthe-et-Moselle), France
  4. Male
    1. Jean Claude Larchet was born in North-East France in 1949. He holds doctorates in Philosophy (1987) and Theology (1994) from the University of Strasbourg. He is the author of many books and numerous articles on theology, on the spirituality of the Church Fathers as well as on illness and healing in the Patristic tradition. Many of his books have been translated into twelve languages. His volumes on St Maximos the Confessor are widely acknowledged and published into seventeen languages. He is considered as one of the leading figures in Patristics and an important voice of Orthodox Christianity in Europe. He lives and works as a professor in France and is the executive editor, in two French publishing houses, of a series of books on contemporary spiritual figures of the Orthodox Church, including the Elder Joseph the Hesychast, the Elder Paisios, the Elder Efraim Katounakiotis, the Elder Charalambos, the Elder Porphyrios, Starets Sergei et al.

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