Science-Religion Dialogue on the Middle Volga East Bank

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  2. Science-Religion Dialogue on the Middle Volga East Bank
  3. English
  4. Tampakis, Kostas
  5. Culture and national identities
  6. 2004
  7. Kalyabin , Gennady Anatolievich [Author]. Science-Religion Dialogue on the Middle Volga East Bank
  8. Science and Religion in Context : Metanexus Annual Conference, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia 5-9 July 2004
  9. Middle Volga East Bank - Popularizing activities - Samara Orthodox Spiritual Seminary
    1. The paper discussed the activities of Samara Orthodox Spiritual Seminary, regarding the dialogue between science and religion. Placing the Seminary‘s founding in relation to the re-emergence of religion in modern Russia, the paper begins by discussing how, during seventy years of communist regime, atheism and materialism were the only official ideological doctrines in Russia. Many scientific results were declared false, bourgeois or "top secret", while other investigations were advertised as excellent confirmation of materialism. In order to correct this situation, the paper discusses the origin and activities of the Local Society "Through faith we understand", within the Samara Orthodox Spiritual Seminary in 1995. Its main activity is lecturing: at the Catechization Courses for adult scientists, engineers, medical workers, administrators, as well as for low educated persons; at Samara Academy of Humanities, for students, pupils and secondary education teachers, and at the towns of Samara and neighboring regions. The TFWU also organizes two conferences annually, while its members publish on Orthodox Pedagogics, edit two journals and produce programs on natural apologetics for the Samara regional radio and TV. The latter often encounter problems.