Do scientists believe in God? Faith and knowledge.

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  2. Веруют ли ученые? Вера и знание.
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  7. Морозов, Евгений [Author]. Веруют ли ученые? Вера и знание.
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    1. <p>Морозов, Евгений (2013). Веруют ли ученые? Вера и знание. Образование и Православие. Retrieved from: <a href=""></a> </p>
    1. An evening of commemoration of Pestov N.E. (1892-1982), D.Sc (Chemistry) and Christian writer, took place on January 13, 2013. It was noted that while this man had been a Chemist, he had played a key role for religion in the Soviet Union. The participants at this event watched a film by Pestov “Love for Salvation.” The film talked about people who came to the Russian Orthodox Church with the help of Pestov’s books on Christianity.

      As a young man Pestov had a vision of Christ. Since that moment Pestov always felt Christ’s presence within him. Protoiereus A. Uninsky called Pestov the founder of Christian Family Pedagogics for his books on the topic. The main theological work of Pestov is the twelve-volume Path to Perfect Joy that was illegally popularized by “word-of-mouth” activists during Soviet times. The discussion at the commemoration event concluded that Petsov had helped to preserve the theological studies in the USSR during the period of anticlericalism and that his works were still helpful to Christians.