Would the mutants inherit the earth or about the GMO mutations

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  2. Ще наследят ли мутантите земята или за ГМО мутациите
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology
  6. 22-9-2010
  7. Иван, Иванов [Author]. Would the mutants inherit the earth or about the GMO mutations
  8. Българска патриаршия
  9. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  10. 26.01.2017
    1. The article aims to shed light on some technical aspects of the problem with genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the context of ongoing debates in the Bulgarian public sphere. The author categorically argued against the GMO technology, criticizing it as interference in what would be, depending on the viewpoint, a Divine order or the natural laws.

      Among the arguments used is that there would be no means to control the spread of GMOs.  Briefly examining the structure of organisms on the level of cells and DNA, Ivanov stated there is no difference between the Orthodox and scientific position as far as the uniqueness of the human personality is concerned. Another clear boundary line, natural for men and acknowledged by the biological science, is that between species. In this aspect there is again no contradiction with Orthodoxy. The statement was supported by a number of Biblical quotes (Genesis, 1), the creatures being “after his/their kind”, an expression repeated many times in the Bible possibly as a warning, according to the author.

      In addition, briefly were discussed flaws in the evolutionist theory whose supporters, however, did not reach the extremes of GMO technologies. Tackling the gene mutation process, the author rejected suggestions (“by prominent but not very moral scientists”) to regard as identical spontaneous and induced mutations. In this context GMO technologies are against the will of the Creator and the laws of the nature. Genetic engineers do not recognize any boundaries, no matter whether they are set by God or the people themselves have established their presence in nature, combining DNA of different species (several specific examples are given). The consequences for the environment and the economic dependence from the seed producers because of GMOs, which are nowadays “the most sinister menace to our land and the future of our children”, are undoubtedly negative according to the author.