How long did take to create the universe?

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  2. Сколько длилось творение мира?
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    1. The article focuses on the issue of the Genesis creation narrative, namely on the question of the first day of Creation: is it a twenty-four hour day or a longer period? The author mentions a Wikipedia article about the Big Bang Theory, which quotes Orthodox priest father Konstantin Parkhomenko (b. 1974), claiming that Orthodox Christianity supports the theory. In Father Konstantin’s view the term, “first day” is not to be understood literally as twenty-four hours, but as a certain period of time, a “great epoch in the history of the Universe”.

      The author of the article disagrees with this statement and quotes several prominent Orthodox religious figures and saints to prove his point of view. For example Priest Daniel Sysoev (1974-2009), with reference to the words of the Church Fathers, indicates that “the day” must be interpreted literally. St. Ephrem the Sirin (306-373 AD) said: "No one should think that the six-day Creation is an allegory." St. Basil the Great (327-379 AD), St. Athanasius the Great (296-373) and St. John Chrysostom (349-407 AD) also spoke in favour of the fact that “the day” of Creation should be understood as a normal twenty-four hour day.

      Overall, the author condemns Father Konstantin for his statement, which he considers misleading. At the same time the author himself agrees that many contradictions are still present in the ROC’s stance on the Big Bang Theory and the issue of the creation of the world.