On science or on meaningless imposture

  1. Lemma
  2. Περί ἐπιστήμης ἤ κενῆς ἀπάτης
  3. Greek, Modern (1453-)
  4. Delli, Eudoxie
  5. Modes of interaction > Conflict - Ecumenism and dialogue > Westernism and anti-westernism - Orthodox theological tradition and practice - Concepts of knowledge and modes of reasoning
  6. Γουνελάς, Σωτήρης [Author]. On Science or on meaningless imposture
  7. Two texts on Modern Science - Athens: Synaxi, 1986.
  8. Creation as theophany - nepsis/purification-deification - Modernity and alienation
    1. <p>Gounelas, S. (1986). On Science or on meaningless imposture (Α. Apostolidis, Trans.). In <em>Two texts on Modern Science</em> (pp. 65-106). Athens: Synaxi.</p>
    1. Sotiris Gounelas provides a polemical rejection of modern sciences considered as incompatible to the Orthodox vision of world and human salvation. This rejection, based on a rather oversimplified view of modern science, is associated to an attack on rationalization, individuality and Modernity together with a fervent anti-Westernism, while the Orthodox tradition is highly idealized and almost distorted since it is totally cut off of its historical and changing context. The text is a characteristic manifestation of the Neo-Orthodox ideology of the eighties in Greece, proposing the return to the past as the main path leading to the future.