Bridge between science and religion, the Theory of the Big Bang

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  2. Мост между наукой и религией, или Теория большого взрыва
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  7. [Author]. Мост между наукой и религией, или Теория большого взрыва
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    1. <p>Vladyka, Antony (2016). Мост между наукой и религией, или Теория большого взрыва. <em>Официальный сайт Подольцкого Благочиния. </em>Retrieved from:  </p>
    1. This is an interview with Vladyka Antony (b. 1976), Metropolitan Bishop of Borispole and Brovar, leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church within the Russian Orthodox Church and President of the Kiev Religious Academy. In this interview, Vladyka Antony explains that until the beginning of the 20th century all Christian Churches disapproved the theory of evolution and many other scientific views on the universe. This changed with theistic evolutionism (TE) that tried to connect religion and science. Within the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) there are supporters and critics of TE, Catholics support the TE, and Protestants who do not accept it. Partisans of the TE believe in God as creator of the universe and in evolution as the instrument of creation. In the 20th century, the “six days” of Genesis were translated from the Ancient Hebrew not as our 24 hours days but as a “finished periods of time.” The Six Days of Genesis were thus understood as six periods of creation.

      According to Vladyka Antony in the creation it is always God who is the actor and not the matter itself. Supporters of TE cite Gregory of Nyssa (335-395 AD) who stated that each new creation in the Book of Genesis implied all previous forms of life. According to the Christian Calendar, our 2016 is actually 7525 from the day of the creation of man and not the universe, which can be as old as 20 billion years old, as scientists say. The Theory of the Big Bang (TBB) suggests that the universe has a beginning. Nowadays all Churches support the TBB. Antony pointed out, however, that the ROC should be careful about fully supporting the TBB because the scientific community changes its opinion quickly and can adopt a new theory any time. For Antony, the Church can only give its opinion on whether a new scientific theory contradicts the Christian worldview or not. One point in which science and religion are in conflict is the question of the human soul. It is not scientifically accepted to see the human soul as something non-material and independent from the human body. But according to the Christian view, the soul is a living entity that gives life to a human-being.